BBM Virtual Initiatives

Flash Talks

In lieu of poster presentations we are offering the option of submitting a 4-minute flash talk.  These pre-recorded short talks allows trainees to share their current research and get feedback from the BBM community.  Talks will be uploaded to a private YouTube playlist that registered attendees can access throughout the conference.  An abstract and presenter information will be available in the video description so viewers can send feedback or ask questions.

For those interested in giving a flash talk, the abstract deadline is June 8, 2020.  To submit an abstract, visit the Register & Submit Abstracts page.


Matching System

In order to encourage attendees to connect with each other during the virtual conference, we are offering a matching system that will pair each person with 1-2 fellow bacteriologists with similar research interests.

If you choose to participate in this program, and algorithm will match you with other researchers based on your research focus and level of training to enable networking, collaboration, and mentoring.  Based on your preference, you can choose to participate in a mentoring program and/or speak with a colleague who is at a similar stage in their scientific career.

For those interested in participating in the matching program, please enroll using the registration form for the conference.  The registration deadline is July 9, 2020.