Gather Town

Formatting posters for Gather Town:

Design your poster as if it were a normal poster in landscape orientation.  Small preview images of posters will appear as users walk past poster stands.  Users can enter a “private space” in front of each poster stand to view the full-size poster.  Within each private space users can video chat with the presenter and/or other users in the same space (i.e. a mini “Zoom” call within Gather Town for each poster).  The following images are required for Gather Town posters (borrowed from here; note that a flash talk video must also be submitted in order for you to present a poster on Gather Town):

  1. Poster in JPG or PNG format
    1. This is what participants will see when interacting with your poster presentation
    2. Maximum size is 3 MB
    3. Minimum width is 1,000 px
    4. Minimum height is 600 px
  1. Poster preview in JPG or PNG format
    1. This is the same image as above but resized for previews seen while walking around in Gather Town

To make your main poster:

  1. Powerpoint is recommended
  2. Select the “Design” tab
  3. Select the “slide size” icon and choose “custom slide size” from the dropdown menu
  4. Change width to 27 cm and height to 16 cm
  5. A pop-up will appear prompting you to make a selection; choose “Ensure fit”
  6. File > save. Name the same as your flash talk and save as JPG

To make your poster preview:

  1. Same as above, but change width to 13.5 cm and height to 8 cm
  2. Name the same as your flash talk but with “­_preview” added to the end. Save as JPG