Register & Submit Abstracts

Virtual BBM2021

There is no registration fee for BBM2021 as it is a virtual conference; however, attendees must still register to receive schedules and materials.

The deadline for abstract submission is APRIL 30, 2021 and the deadline for registration is JUNE 4, 2021 at 11:59 pm EDT.

Gather Town

This year we are using the online platform Gather Town to host a live poster session and social events.  This is an optional event in addition to prerecorded 5-minute poster flash talks that will be available on YouTube; all posters presented live on Gather Town must also be prerecorded as a flash talk.  For more information on Gather Town, including a demo, visit  We will provide instructions on how to use Gather Town on the website closer to the conference date.

Mentorship exchange

Due to the networking limitations of a virtual conference format, we are compiling a list of senior researchers (faculty, postdocs, and industry researchers) who are willing to be contacted as potential mentors. This list will be shared with interested junior researchers (students, postbac researchers, research assistants, and postdocs) attending BBM2021 upon the start of the conference on June 10.  Senior researchers can opt-in to this exchange on the registration/abstract submission forms.  We will also add resources for junior researchers on how to contact potential mentors to the website on June 10, so check back for advice on establishing fruitful mentor-mentee relationships!

BBM merchandise

Next year we are expanding our Underrepresented Minorities in Biomedical Sciences Scholarship to include a travel award to help local microbiologists attend BBM. All proceeds from our Redbubble store will go towards furnishing this award for next year.
Check out our T-shirts, cotton totes, water bottles, and more! Thank you for supporting BBM.

Registration and abstract submission

BBM features talks from students and postdoctoral fellows who conduct bacteriology research.  Virtual BBM2021 will offer live talks, as well as pre-recorded 5-minute flash talks in lieu of poster presentations.

If you would like to be considered for a talk, you must submit an abstract using the link below before 11:59 pm EDT on April 30, 2021.  You will be able to revisit the submission page to make additions or edits until the deadline; however, due to high demand and limited space, we strongly recommend that you submit your abstract as soon as possible.  SAVE THE URL TO YOUR SUBMISSION FORM IF YOU WISH TO MAKE EDITS AFTER SUBMITTING.  The number of accepted abstracts is limited, and abstracts submitted after the limit has been reached will be wait-listed.

Abstracts should be at most 250 words in length and present one cohesive story (as opposed to a collection of unrelated results). We welcome abstracts for both completed and ongoing work.

To register WITHOUT submitting an abstract, please use this form:

To register AND submit and abstract, please use this form: