Breakout Sessions

Back by popular demand, we will hold optional breakout sessions after lunch on Thursday, June 6th. These sessions will be moderated by experts in various fields and will include time for discussion and questions.

If you wish to attend a breakout session, you will be able to sign up for one when you register. Sessions are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

We are pleased to offer the following breakout sessions at BBM 2019:

Antibiotics The fight against antimicrobial resistance is one of the most significant challenges in modern medicine. Hear from leading researchers about the approaches they take to combat resistant microbes, improve diagnostics, and discover new treatments.
Microbiome While microbiome research is a rapidly growing field, the overall impact of its microbial members on human health and disease remains largely unknown. Hear from leaders in the field on how their research looks to harness the microbiome to treat disease and design therapeutics to improve overall human health.
Diversity and Inclusion in Science Diversity and inclusion strengthen our scientific community. Our panelists will discuss the importance of creating a more inclusive and a diverse scientific community, and how to facilitate that growth in microbiology.
Early Careers in Academia How do you become a professor these days? What does academia look like for a young faculty member? Learn more about the academic job market from faculty members starting their careers at both primarily undergraduate institutions and large research universities.
Grant Writing Grantsmanship is an art that is vital to sustaining scientific research. Our panel consists of grant writing experts who have tips for all levels of writers on how to effectively communicate their science and craft a winning grant.
Bacteriophage, more than just lambda Phage are a valuable research tool in fields ranging from microbiology to molecular genetics. Join researchers from both academia and biotech to learn more about how bacteriophages are being repurposed to fight bacterial infections.
Careers Beyond the Bench What else can you do with a degree in, and a passion for, microbiology? Hear from a variety of bacteriologists who have brought their expertise outside of the lab – from law to consulting to science communication. Learn more about how our panelists discovered their new careers and what steps you can take now to find yours.
Careers in Industry Explore a career in industry by hearing from professionals in biotech! Panelists will speak about their jobs, the companies they work for, and what you should do to be successful.
Food Science Come hungry to learn about the food science industry from our panel of microbiologists and food science specialists.
Science Communication Learn more about how to communicate science in an effective and engaging way through a guided tour with Scott Chimileski of the Microbial Life exhibition at the Harvard Museum of Natural History.
Bacterial Art Join Mehmet Berkmen, creative director at Bacterial Art, for a presentation and discussion on bacterial art, its role in history, science, and education, and how we should merge the artificial separation between science and art.