Breakout Sessions

Breakout Sessions

We offered eight breakout sessions last summer covering various aspects of scientific training, career, and research. The sessions will include moderated discussions with expert panelists and Q&A guided by the audience. Below are short descriptions of each breakout session.


Monday, June 12 | 01:20 PM – 02:05 PM

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in STEM

What kinds of barriers do underrepresented communities face in science? How can we promote inclusivity and support among our fellow scientists? Hear from advocates of diversity in STEM, how to open up discussions on DEI topics, and what we can do to help build a diverse and supportive scientific community.

Careers Beyond the Bench

Careers in microbiology extend beyond the research performed in academia and industry. Scientists play vital roles in patent law, intellectual property, venture capital, science outreach, public policy, and much more. Join our panelists from a variety of these fields to learn more about their transitions from the bench.

Antibiotic Resistance and Beyond

Due to the surge of antibiotic-resistant microbes and the inefficacy of current antimicrobial therapies, treating bacterial infections has become exceptionally challenging in the last decade. We invite you to join a breakout session that goes beyond antibiotic resistance and explores tolerance, persistence, antibiotic discovery platforms, alternative therapies, and much more.

Synthetic Microbiology

How do scientists reimagine nature to develop therapeutics, biofuels, and beyond? Designing microbes has become an essential tool with a multitude of applications in industrial and medical research. Learn about the vast possibilities engineered microbes offer from experts in the field.


Tuesday, June 13 | 02:00 PM – 02:45 PM

Careers in Industry & Biotech

Many scientists continue on to fruitful careers at pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies after their academic training, and others even start their own companies! Hear from our panelists and their experiences starting a company, joining an early-stage startup, and working for an established pharma/biotech company as you plan your career’s next steps.

Food Microbiology, Brewing, and Bacteria Art

From producing raw materials to creating the delicious final product, the formation of many foods and beverages requires microbial activity. Join us to discuss organisms and processes that make certain treats taste and look just right, as well as the foes that could threaten flavor and quality.

Computational Microbiology

How can we bridge the gap between bench scientists and bioinformaticians? Join us for a session highlighting cutting-edge sequencing techniques, bioinformatics methods, and statistics algorithms. Discuss how to move the field of sequencing and bioinformatics beyond description and quantitation and toward prediction and diagnostic/therapeutic applications.

Host-Pathogen Interactions

Two competing interests in one environment. Join us for a multidisciplinary discussion with experts at the intersection of microbiology and immunology to understand why some microbes persist within a host while others are effectively cleared.