BBM 2023 Poster

This image featured on the BBM 2023 poster and website was provided by Dr. Tabita Ramirez-Puebla of the Forsyth Institute. The image shows the spatial organization of a microbial consortium from the biofilm of a human tongue. It reveals a dense community of bacteria (blue, cyan, magenta, and yellow) organized around a core of host epithelial cells (pink/white). The community is composed of different microbes displaying distinct morphologies. The sample was collected from a healthy donor, hybridized with fluorescent probes targeting specific taxa and observed with a confocal microscope.

The poster was designed by Dr. Jenna Wurster, a BBM organizing committee member and scientist at Seres Therapeutics.

Website Images

This scanning electron micrograph showing mouse macrophages (green) interacting with Cryptococcus neoformans (blue) was provided by Sabriya Stukes and Hillary Guzik of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

This image showing sporulating Clostridioides difficile cells stained with DNA and membrane dyes was provided by John Ribis of Tufts University.