Sponsoring BBM

The Boston Bacterial Meeting is a popular annual meeting in the Boston area that attracts over 500 scientists from a large variety of disciplines within the field of microbiology. Sponsors play a key role in the meeting: sponsor donations allow us to keep the registration price low so the meeting is accessible for all who want to participate.

There are several benefits to being a sponsor of the Boston Bacterial Meeting. Representatives are encouraged to submit an abstract for a talk or poster, or can attend just to enjoy the science. In addition, company logos will be prominently displayed during the meeting, on the website, and on the program booklet. Because BBM is non-profit, industry personnel are not permitted to distribute promotional materials at the meeting.

This is a great opportunity for a company to increase its exposure within the academic community and see the latest research done in the Boston area. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact the BBM organizers at bbm@hms.harvard.edu

We thank our generous sponsors.