Keynote Speaker

Keynote Speaker

We are excited announce Dr. Joe Bondy-Denomy as our keynote speaker for BBM 2024! Please read our profile of him below to find out more about his career and accomplishments.

Joe Bondy-Denomy

Associate Professor

Microbiology and Immunology

University of California San Francisco, School of Medicine

Joe Bondy-Denomy is an Associate Professor at UCSF. Dr. Bondy-Denomy earned his PhD from University of Toronto working in the lab of Alan Davidson. During this time, he studied the interactions between bacteriophages and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. He became especially interested in the role of bacterial CRISPR/Cas systems in defending against phages and the strategies phages use to overcome CRISPR/Cas systems. Specifically, he found that phages encode anti-CRISPR proteins that block the activity of CRISPR/Cas systems. He started his lab at UCSF in 2015 as a Sandler Faculty Fellow with a focus on understanding the interplay between bacterial CRISPR/Cas systems and phage anti-CRISPRs. He was promoted to Assistant Professor in 2017 and Associate Professor in 2020.  His lab’s research has revealed fascinating insight into the interactions between bacteria and phages including discoveries of countless anti-CRISPR proteins, elucidation of the mechanisms through which CRISPR/Cas systems and anti-CRISPR proteins are regulated, and more recently investigation of novel mechanisms of phage defense and phage evasion. His lab has used understanding of CRISPR/Cas systems to improve methods for editing the genomes of bacteria and phages hoping that this will ultimately to support the development of phage therapies.

Please visit his lab webpage for more information on his research and publications.

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